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Integrating Gentle Yoga, Meditation, and Biofeedback for Stress Management and Relaxation


Classes offered that fulfill the Yoga Alliance Continuing Education RYT renewal hours requirement include:

1. A systematic, step-by-step approach to learning and practicing Meditation​

2. Gentle Yoga stretches accessible to any age or level of ability- these exercises can be done sitting in a chair or standing

​3. Various Guided Relaxation techniques including:

a. 31 and 61 point practice
b. 9 step Tension and Release exercise
c. Shitali Karana- systematic breathing up and down the body
d. Yoga Nidra preparation

4. Using Biofeedback to learn self-regulation and deepen your relaxation and Meditation practice.

​5. Applying Yoga and Meditation to Everyday Living including these topics:

a. Learning to Forgive

b. With Gratitude

c. Cultivating a Positive Emotional State

d. Peaceful Conflict Resolution

​e. Yoga, Meditation, and the Art of Juggling

f. Jewish Meditation 


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